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Michael Jackson's Estate: The Good & The Bad Short Film GMJHD

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Since the passing of Michael Jackson, his estate has released various projects, some good, some disrespectful and bad towards Michael Jackson. The disrespectful ones are albums like "Michael" with 3 songs sung by an imposter: Jason Malachi. The 2014 Billboard Music Awards hologram performance was a straight lie. The estate sold Michael Jackson's share of the Sony ATV catalog that Michael himself would have never sold for any price. They lead us into thinking that Dangerous 25 is going to be a real thing just like Thriller 25 and Bad 25. They announced a useless animation cartoon and a collection album called "Scream"... How original of them... Fans have been waiting for Thriller 3D but just look at the disrespect John Landis' showed in the interview about it... "wacko jacko", he said. John Branca on the other side stated that there won't be any unreleased music in the near future so we're stuck with pointless albums such as "Scream". Who is here to blame? Branca? Sony? Landis? Blame them all! What's gonna happen next? They're slowly ruining Michael Jackson's legacy and don't get me wrong, some projects are really cool and amazing but the ones that aren't, aren't even good enough to be considered bad. This video covers topics and releases after Michael Jackson's death, such as: 2009 - This Is It (album and movie) 2010 - Vision (DVD) 2010 - The Experience (game) 2010 - Michael (album) 2011 - Immortal (album and show) 2012 - Bad 25 (album, documentary and Wembley concert) 2013 - The One (show) 2014 - Xscape (album) 2014 - Michael Jackson Hologram 2016 - Off The Wall (album and documentary) 2016 - Selling Michael Jackson's Sony Music Catalog 2016 - Dangerous 25 (online celebration) 2017 - Thriller Halloween animation (cartoon) 2017 - Thriller 3D (short film) 2017 - Scream (album) Please share, rate, comment and SUBSCRIBE to my channel and videos :) DO IT FOR MICHAEL JACKSON ;D If you liked this video then please subscribe ( it's free ), like and comment :) God bless you all and much love :)

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Michael Jackson's Estate: The Good & The Bad Short Film GMJHD
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