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Nerofest 2017: Boss Hassan [Fate Grand Order]

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Nero Festival Event 2017 Best I could do with Cu was duo. So I'll show off a budget team that can beat this boss easily. If you don't have Jeanne or a friend with Jeanne you can replace her with Hans / Mash. And bring a backrow. GIMMICKS! There is a lot of them. /done Ok they do a few other things. When you kill one of them they will debuff the character that killed them. The named Hassans have a buff that when they die their killer gets a insta death debuff. Howevre this buff can be removed. I am using Medea's Rule Breaker to do so. NOTE! If Rule Breaker kills the Hassan the debuff will go off BEFORE Rule Breaker removes it. So you need Rule Breaker to NOT KILL the Hassan. So don't give Medea the event CE whatever you do. (Jeanne can remove the insta kill debuff with hre NP but it has to be used before your turn is over) Music Used: Archetype/Arena theme By Helix6 (used in Castle Crashers) Transformers Armada Theme - Transformers Armada Battle theme 4 - Atlantica Online Cicada - Armored Core for Answer White Reflection -SRW Z3 Jigoku-hen Hot vs Cold - Batman beyond Dance of Curse -Escaflowne Unicorn - SRW Z3 Jigoku-hen Twist It - Armored Core 4 Choaz Japan / Ninja Pirate Theme - By ParagonX9 Realize - SRW a3 Mission Final - Metroid Prime Meh twitter

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Nerofest 2017: Boss Hassan [Fate Grand Order]
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